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We understand that using multiple agencies and suppliers in unison with each other can be costly and time consuming, it’s also unlikely to deliver the calibre of service your organisation deserves and needs. This can then lead to adverse effects on your recruitment targets, quality of hire and employee engagement.

Through our new RPO Solution, we are seamlessly able to integrate our team of professionals with your existing function, thereby relieving the pressures and burdens associated with juggling multiple recruitment functions, projects and relationships.

Our transparent, professional and tailored recruitment solution will act and perform as a dedicated recruitment partner to manage and advise on all aspects of your recruitment needs.

Our Services

End to End Management

  • Dedicated, specialist recruitment “arm” for your HR Function
  • Industry knowledge and expertise across each sector of your business
  • One point of contact for all aspects of your end to end recruitment, removing the need to manage multiple agency relationships.
  • Streamlined recruitment model
  • Regular reporting throughout the recruitment lifecycle
  • Streamlining transactional and communication process
  • Enhanced service delivery


  • Cost effective
  • Measurable performance 
  • Frees up resources in HR by removing the pressures of recruitment
  • Allows management to focus on strategy and Innovation
  • Agreed service levels and response times

Advertising and Assessment

  • Consistent advertising and marketing of all vacancies
  • Brand representation
  • All candidates assessed and measured against agreed criteria
  • Coordination of all interviews